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We have developed a technology that integrates with messaging apps like Facebook messenger. The perfect way to collect your research data.

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Some of the studies we have helped facilitate

Consumption of fruits and vegetables

A longitudinal research study about the proportions of fruits and vegetables that mothers and infants consumed in a given week. Half of the participants were asked to share a message through their social media about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and the other half was not, the obejtive was to evaluate temporal behavior changes for those who promote a cause versus those who did not.


Child development

Qualitative interviews were conducted among mothers of children under three in order to validate a new tool for capturing the motor, cognitive, language, social-emotional and mental health skills in culturally diverse settings.

Factors that influence purchasing decisions of hispanic mothers

The study objective was to test the factors that affect the purchasing decisions of hispanic mothers with infants. The mothers were exposed to different images that triggered factors to influence the buying process. The participants were exposed to four images, each with a different trigger, and they were asked to rate them in order of likelihood to buy the product.

Consumption diaries

Over the course of 8 weeks participants were asked to record every week what they bought at the store or supermarket.

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