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0-6 years old


Do you want to increase the chances of success in the future of your child?

Studies show that adequate early stimulation can increase the chances of your child successfully completing higher education by up to 25%.

Help them to grow strong and smart

The first six years of life are crucial for the development of the child, these years of nen much success in the future and are when the brain develops faster. Take advantage of them.

Create unforgettable moments

Our activities are designed to strengthen development but also to have fun together. Each week we send you a new idea specific to the development and age of your child.

Be part of the community

Come for the education stay by our community. Share the achievements of your child’s development and join the thousands of parents in our community.

Receive each week of Early Stimulation activities for your little one through Internal Message on Facebook or our Web platform!


Early stimulation activities designed to promote the development of your child…

Fun activities

With materials you find at home

Specific according to the age of the child

Accessible anywhere

Based on best practices

Free of charge

How does it work?

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2. Answer some questions

Follow the steps of our authomatic process and you will receive an activity every week in your Facebook mailbox. The content does not have any cost, we only ask you to answer some questions for our allies.

3. Unblock the activity

Ready! When you finish answering the questions you unlock the activity of the week for your little one. Now is the time to practice the activity.

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